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Best, Cheap, and Guaranteed suppliers Of Vinyl Flooring Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all across UAE.

Get The Sleek & luxury Option of Vinyl Flooring Dubai Now

Are you looking for luxury & sleek design flooring options? Then don’t look forward!

Here is the quick and instant solution for you. The Vinyl Flooring Dubai, a combination of a real, wooden, stone or ceramic floor.  It is an ideal option for all kinds of kitchens or bathroom flooring due to its hardwearing & fully waterproof options.  These floor sheets are very warm naturally under your foot and provide scratch resistant to floors in case you have pets or children.

So with such a big collection of tiled vinyl Flooring Abu Dhabi, Here at, we are offering a perfect quality & material, we’re bound to have the perfect one for you!  Find the best type of flooring such as the PVC vinyl flooring, wooden & many more within a friendly budget. So whatever your budget, room & lifestyle we have Vinyl flooring Dubai options for you.

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Types of Vinyl Flooring Dubai With All Benefits

We’re giving our customers the ultimate and premium quality Vinyl flooring Dubai. We know this fact that the market of vinyl tiles and planks has drastically made their place strong due to its affordability, quality & easy to maintain features.

This happens, because we’re using the latest technologies in it to manufacture LVT and other types of vinyl flooring in Dubai.

 The different types of flooring we’re providing,

  •         Wood Vinyl Floor
  •         Plank Vinyl floor
  •         LVT floor

Wood Vinyl Flooring

This design is a popular choice for those who want to take on the trend of wood effect flooring, without the traditional expense or hassle of going through a contractor. The base of the design is pine and laminate is used for the top.

Our vinyl Flooring Dubai, Or Vinyl wood floor is a traditional wood effect lino design, which is perfect for a living room or dining area. It’s both soft and strong, ideal for a quiet area in the home or those who like to watch sport and known as the best vinyl sheeting.

Plank Vinyl Flooring

Plank Vinyl Flooring Dubai has become the latest flooring trend. Our Luxury Vinyl Tile planks have been a huge hit due to their durability and ease of installation. We offer a variety of planks rolled vinyl flooring in many styles and colors to match any home. 

In order to help you find the best vinyl flooring Abu Dhabi, UAE. We’ve prepared a guide with the best vinyl tile types and other flooring supplies that you can use in your home. Make sure to shop by your needs and the material you prefer, such as granite, ceramic, stone, natural or oiled wood.

LVT flooring

Whether the flooring is suitable for heating under foot or not, this LVT Flooring Dubai from our shop is the best thing you can consider to buy. The quality and the design of this LVT tiles flooring is very good. It is one of the best and easy to use carpet for your floor which has a square design.

Deliver The optimum Quality, Service and Value in Price

With thousands of different styles in vinyl flooring Dubai and textures to choose from, how can you know this is the right choice to buy?

 So to minimize this problem and give you some relief, we also guide our customers which type of flooring will suit what kind of floor. The kitchen, commercial, bathroom, bedroom and school all need different types of flooring and we can’t install all in the same way.

Therefore, we have a huge selection of vinyl flooring Abu Dhabi and Dubai selling to our customers.

The main things to consider are the thickness of the planks and the finishing when browsing any sort of flooring either its kitchen vinyl flooring UAE, commercial vinyl flooring, bathroom vinyl flooring & school vinyl flooring Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE. We are not just a sales-loyal store, instead we are the solution-loyal store.

We are set up and ready to deliver the optimum in quality, service and customer satisfaction to our customers’ value and price.

Vinyl Flooring Dubai
Vinyl Flooring Dubai

Dream Flooring for your Floor Space in Friendly Budget

Still undecided on the floor? If you are not sure what you’re looking for, we are also the only flooring supply store in Dubai offering you a vinyl flooring Dubai interior design consultation. Choosing a vinyl flooring Abu Dhabi, UAE for your home, business, school or other site has never been so easy.

You can have them delivered straight to your home or business as the closest distributor with free delivery service, which we are. To further facilitate your search or get the vinyl flooring Abu Dhabi, UAE you have been dreaming to put on the floor, we provide the waterproof flooring if you need for kitchen floor, parquet flooring for school and wooden Vinyl Flooring Dubai for the business workplace.

Depending on your choice, we also offer you the updated trends in interior design can help you choose the right look for your home. But what about when it comes time to install vinyl tiles?

Our Previous Work

Best Supplier and Installer of Vinyl Flooring in Dubai

As a flooring expert, is offering you a very elegant and versatile slot of floorings to make your room floor perfect and sleek in look.

In addition, we also provide the vinyl flooring Dubai installation, either its PVC vinyl flooring or LVT flooring. Now you can get your vinyl floors and matching vinyl wall tiles installation through Vinyl flooring ae. This way, you can get the perfect and stylish vinyl flooring for your living room, bathroom, or other spaces. So, call Vinyl flooring Abu Dhabi and matching wall tiles to your home today!

We are no.1 vinyl suppliers in Dubai, which not only give you the flooring options but also give the professional services of vinyl flooring Dubai installers. We have a team of professional installers and fixers to provide you custom made and readymade floors or tiles online of your choice at your doorstep.

We also sell vinyl sheets of flooring Dubai at affordable prices, which gives you the perfect look at your home. In addition to the variety of products, we also provide you the installation facility at your place to make sure you get quality products at the best prices.

So filter our professionals to work for you to fit the Vinyl Flooring Dubai on your floor. We have different professional installers for each kind of flooring. So just order your flooring and we’ll be there for you within no time.

So our flooring installation and design is done quickly, in a professional manner and with confidence.

Why Prefer Us? is the name of the best supplier of flooring all over Dubai. We used to only offer indoor and outdoor flooring ideas for the best solutions for every one of your flooring needs. Our flooring solutions are innovative, practical and the material you can just see how well our team. We make it possible for you to choose any of our high quality floors.

So now you can stay on your budget and buy a bundle of vinyl Flooring Dubai options. And now we are not only the best, but the most comfortable, the most convenient and the best at what we do.

And if you have an interior designer, you can make them happy by doing the research and the selection of our best online vinyl flooring Dubai options. We are also one of the few people who can give you a 100% guaranteed credit on your purchases and vinyl tiles for sale every month with best vinyl flooring prices.

 What’s more!

As a vinyl flooring installation services provider, we cost you little money in vinyl flooring Dubai installations, whatever the kind of flooring you’re going to buy such as vinyl tiling, rolled vinyl flooring, waterproof ceramic tile and waterproof floor coverings.

Vinyl flooring Dubai is well known for its many positive characteristics. In particular, vinyl flooring Abu Dhabi, UAE is a great help in areas where water and dirt can pass right through. While you can buy vinyl flooring in different materials, a product called vinyl plank flooring, best as plastic carpet, could be the most popular and most commonly employed flooring in households for its easy finish and cleanly finish.

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Whatever the choice, we will make sure to make your stay unforgettable. Call us at +971 50 257 7765 and make a booking of your choice. We promise you that you will leave with great memories that you will cherish for life.



Why should I choose Vinyl?

There are several advantages of vinyl flooring, making it a perfect choice for home and commercial areas. It is durable, versatile and available in a variety of styles and textures. This material is suitable for any room including bathroom and kitchen. Moreover, it is easy to maintain, clean, and less likely to need repairs in the future.

Why is Luxury Vinyl Flooring highly Recommended?

You can buy luxury vinyl planks, sheets, or tiles of this flooring material. This flooring material is highly recommended due to its superior quality and variety. They are a faithful imitation of natural hardwood and stone.

Why Vinyl is also known as resilient Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is resilient if it has some degree of elasticity. Vinyl flooring is a hard material that is flexible. Vinyl flooring is often used interchangeably with resilient flooring. However, it’s not the only flooring material that can be used. Other resilient flooring options include cork Rubber, and Linoleum.

What is LVT Flooring?

A lot of different terms are thrown around when it comes to vinyl floor coverings. Many, however, are actually interchangeable names for the same thing. LVT simply stands for ‘luxury vinyl tiles’, which is sometimes called ‘vinyl flooring’ or even ‘PVC flooring’.

Are there any places I shouldn't put Vinyl Floors?

These tiles can be easily installed in your home or office. We do not recommend installing vinyl floors in  Extremely wet areas Showers and pool areas are examples. The Quick-Step vinyl planks can be water resistant but moisture could get between the bevels.

What is the best way to install Vinyl Flooring on walls?

The short answer is yes. You can now! Quick-Step has partnered with to offer vinyl flooring solutions which have been thoroughly tested in a variety of floor and wall covering applications.